The Poet Who Started Late

I came to writing poetry late, after years of producing (unpublished) fiction and then historical non-fiction for a string of publishers.  I liked being published, but it was never an easy ride, what with submissions, deadlines, proofs, editors of varying impact, marketing teams that soon move on to the next project, and so on. Writing… Continue reading The Poet Who Started Late

Self-publishing Poetry

This is the first of several short pieces on my experience of self-publishing. My poetry collection Perfect Day was my first go at publishing a book myself. My other books have come out with a number of publishers, but the process was never without problems – hence having a go myself! Anyway, hope this is… Continue reading Self-publishing Poetry

A Black Country Christmas

Black Country?  White Christmas?  Not that year, just fog – old-fashioned pea soup smog, thick enough to shroud the sides of the road from view.  He was returning to his roots and five sisters, driving a borrowed Daimler that smelled of leather and oil, his nose almost pressed against the windscreen, his fuse short as… Continue reading A Black Country Christmas

Richard Knott writes….

I was brought up in Bristol, went to school in Chipping Sodbury and now live on the Somerset coast. I write poetry as well as being an established writer of modern history: about war artists’ and war correspondents’ experiences in the Second World War and, most recently, the activities of MI5 in pursuing left-wing writers… Continue reading Richard Knott writes….

Left Wing Artists and Writers, Right Wing MI5

This is a piece about my most recent book, ‘The Secret War Against the Arts’. During the 1930s the British Security Services became increasingly concerned about the growing influence of the Communist Party.  It reacted by covertly spying on thousands of ordinary British citizens.  Amongst them were many artists and writers who, in tune with… Continue reading Left Wing Artists and Writers, Right Wing MI5

Richard Knott, writer

I am a writer and poet living in Somerset in England’s West Country. My most recent books, in order: Perfect Day, The Albert Press, 2020 The Secret War Against the Arts, Pen & Sword, 2020 Posted in Wartime, Pen & Sword, 2017 The Trio, The History Press, 2015 The Sketchbook War, The History Press, 2013… Continue reading Richard Knott, writer