Richard Knott

Writer and poet

Summer 2021, the River Severn behind me.

I was brought up in Bristol, went to school in Chipping Sodbury and now live on the Somerset coast. Over the past decade and a half I have written a series of books about, amongst other things, war artists and war correspondents; a disastrous wartime bombing raid; a memoir about wartime exile; and an account of how MI5 targeted artists and writers in the years 1936-1956.

Last year I published a first collection of poetry Perfect Day.

There’s more about each of the books on a later page (when I’ve written it!)

A book about post-war cricket will be published in 2023 (details to come) and I plan a second self-published poetry collection in the second half of 2022.

The poetry collection is the thin (but perfectly formed) volume on the far left…

What else? Long affiliation with Bristol Rovers; keen cricket fan; voracious reader; grandfather…

Sunset in Somerset

‘The Secret War Against the Arts’ was published by Pen & Sword in 2020 and is available from me or the publisher at £20. One reviewer described it as ‘a damn good spy story’.