Herd Immunity

I wrote this more than a year ago as a result of anger at the Government’s seeming determination to pursue a policy of ‘Herd Immunity’. Not much has changed since then.

Memo (Secret) to the Powers That Be:

it’s a crisis where we could be undone.

Frankly there is no hope or guarantee

we can end quickly what Wuhan’s begun.

The best chance we have, our scientists say,

is to kill off the old, lock them up now.

They can be ‘shielded’ – for a year and a day.

The advice is clear: no need to say how,

or state we’re saving only part of the nation.

We can follow the science, press down the curve,

offer world-beating ways to beat this mutation.

Unprecedented this – let’s hold our nerve!

Herd immunity is the answer, it’s clear.

‘So be it’, why not when death is so near?