Herd Immunity

I wrote this more than a year ago as a result of anger at the Government’s seeming determination to pursue a policy of ‘Herd Immunity’. Not much has changed since then.

Memo (Secret) to the Powers That Be:

it’s a crisis where we could be undone.

Frankly there is no hope or guarantee

we can end quickly what Wuhan’s begun.

The best chance we have, our scientists say,

is to kill off the old, lock them up now.

They can be ‘shielded’ – for a year and a day.

The advice is clear: no need to say how,

or state we’re saving only part of the nation.

We can follow the science, press down the curve,

offer world-beating ways to beat this mutation.

Unprecedented this – let’s hold our nerve!

Herd immunity is the answer, it’s clear.

‘So be it’, why not when death is so near?

Richard Knott

Writer and poet

Summer 2021, the River Severn behind me.

I was brought up in Bristol, went to school in Chipping Sodbury and now live on the Somerset coast. Over the past decade and a half I have written a series of books about, amongst other things, war artists and war correspondents; a disastrous wartime bombing raid; a memoir about wartime exile; and an account of how MI5 targeted artists and writers in the years 1936-1956.

Last year I published a first collection of poetry Perfect Day.

There’s more about each of the books on a later page (when I’ve written it!)

A book about post-war cricket will be published in 2023 (details to come) and I plan a second self-published poetry collection in the second half of 2022.

The poetry collection is the thin (but perfectly formed) volume on the far left…

What else? Long affiliation with Bristol Rovers; keen cricket fan; voracious reader; grandfather…

Sunset in Somerset

‘The Secret War Against the Arts’ was published by Pen & Sword in 2020 and is available from me or the publisher at £20. One reviewer described it as ‘a damn good spy story’.