Books by Richard Knott

A decade and a half’s writing!

Black Night for Bomber Command

Pen & Sword: Hardback (2007) and Paperback (2014) and e-book.

Why did 328 aircrew die on 16 December 1943? The book explains why.

Flying Boats of the Empire

Robert Hale: Hardback (2011).

The romantic days of early aviation: an account of the brief and dangerous life of the Empire Flying Boats.

The Sketchbook War

The History Press (Hardback 2013) and Paperback (2014) and e-book.

The book tells the story of a group of war artists during WW 2. It includes Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden and Edward Ardizzone.

The Trio

The History Press (Hardback 2015)

The ‘Trio’ was the name given to three of the most significant war correspondents of WW2: Alan Moorehead, Christopher Buckley and Alexander Clifford.

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Pen & Sword (Hardback 2017)

What did exile mean for those away from home during the war? The book explores the lives of six characters: Noel Coward, Freya Stark and Cecil Beaton, as well as three ‘unknowns’. Part personal memoir, it offers an unusual picture of wartime life.

The Secret War Against the Arts

Pen & Sword (Hardback 2020)

How MI5 intruded on the lives of writers and artists in the period 1936 to 1956. The book focuses on a number of artists and writers, including Stephen Spender, Olivia Manning, J B Priestley and Paul Hogarth.

Perfect Day

The Albert Press (Paperback, 2020)

A first poetry collection.

In the coming weeks I’m intending to add a page about each book. Watch this space…